Where to Sell Ultimate Team Coins?

Where to Sell Ultimate Team Coins?

FIFA Ultimate Team CoinsI personally have been playing FIFA Ultimate Team for years, and since FIFA 10 onwards, for small chunks of time during each release, I’ve sold coins for Ultimate Team.

I don’t know what it is, I go through a “phase” during every FIFA, that tends to last about 2-3 weeks, where I go crazy selling coins. Because of this, many of my friends have asked me..


“Where can I sell my Ultimate Team coins?”

But there’s not just one answer, there are quite a few! But first off, let me say something very important..


Most people that have been in to Ultimate Team for a few years are aware that you can buy coins on eBay, whatever country you’re in.

If you’re happy risking a LOT of money, your eBay account, your PayPal account and all of your coins, then be my guest. Go nuts on eBay, sell till you’re blue in the face!

If you’re thinking.. “Why can’t I sell my coins on eBay?” Here’s why..

A few years back, eBay introduced new rules that forbid you from selling digital items. If you’re interested, this was because eBay users were abusing the feedback system and boosting their feedback scores quickly (excuse me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is why).

Anyway, now eBay only allows you to sell physical items, so instead of selling an eBook and sending it over email, you would now have to print it off or put it on a CD and send it, so the buyer actually receives a physical item. Otherwise you’re breaking eBay’s rules. This is why you see a lot of listings on eBay like “paper clip + 100K Ultimate Team Coins”, it doesn’t work though, I’ve tried it a good few times, and each and every time my listing got taken down. eBay aren’t stupid (well, maybe).

So Ultimate Team coins are obviously a digital item, they don’t exist, so selling them is against the rules and can cause you all kinds of problems. Here are some:

  • You can get your eBay account banned – There are people out there who will happily report your eBay listing if you aren’t playing by the rules. Sad, I know, but it happens!
  • You can get your PayPal banned – This actually happened to me. PayPal and eBay work extremely closely together, and if they say something is wrong, you have literally NO chance of beating them in an argument. I was selling coins on eBay and got so many listing reported that my eBay got banned as well as my PayPal account. To this day I still don’t use PayPal (it’s been a couple years), in my opinion, it’s more hassle than it’s worth.
  • You can lose a lot of money and coins – Like I just said, if PayPal say something is wrong, you have no chance of “beating” them, and this is where scammer’s get free stuff. Let’s say you have your coins on eBay, you’re selling 200K. Somebody buys the coins, you send the coins and then a few days later, the buyer files a dispute on PayPal claiming they didn’t receive anything. You then have absolutely no chance of winning. You have no proof of postage, because you didn’t send anything, so PayPal will refund the buyer whether you like it or not, leaving you without your 200K and your money. Trust me guys, this happens – don’t risk it.

So Where the Hell can I Sell my Coins?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of places for you to sell your coins. The best place I’d say, is forums. Although you have to be extremely careful when dealing with people on forums. I’ve been scammed a couple times, one time was for £30, the other was for 100K – It’s not the greatest feeling! lol

So what forums? Here are the forums I’d recommend:

www.sythe.org – Sythe is a very busy site, it gets a lot of traffic so if you’re selling coins, chances are you can sell them quickly here simply because a lot of people will see your threads. If you don’t know what a thread is, it’s basically your own discussion on the forum. I’ve found that there are a LOT of scammer’s on Sythe, but I’ll give you some good tips on how to avoid being scammed.

How do I sell on Sythe.org?

Okay, so firstly you need to sign up, then once you’ve done that, head over to the “Xbox / PlayStation Sales” section. Then click on the relevant console. You will now see an absolute ton of threads where people are selling/buying digital goods. It’s not just coins though, it can be anything!

Secondly, you need to decide how you’re going to get paid. I personally wouldn’t recommend using PayPal, I’ve heard many horror stories where people have lost their money through charge-backs on PayPal, which sucks donkey d*ck. If this happens, you are left without the money you received and obviously, no coins.

I personally use either MoneyBookers (no charge-backs) and bank transfers. Much less risk, which is much better for sellers! If you haven’t heard of MoneyBookers, simply Google it, they’re free and safe!

Next thing you will need to do is create a new thread on Sythe.org by hitting the button in the image below.

New Thread

Now in this thread you need to put the following information:

  • What you are selling.
  • How much you are selling for.
  • What console you are selling on.
  • What payment you will take.
  • Contact information.

Personally, I prefer to use Skype as my contact method, but if you’re an MSN kinda guy, then that’s cool too. Now, how NOT to get scammed:

  1. Ask the person you are selling to, to send you a private message on Sythe, saying their Skype/MSN address. This way you know they are not pretending to be that person. 
  2. Check if they have any vouches – Vouches are positive comments received from other forum users after a deal has been done.
  3. Don’t go first in the trade, ever. By this, I mean never send the coins first, then wait for payment, this is how you will get scammed. Instead, tell the buyer that you will receive very small payments if that makes them feel more comfortable. For example, if you have 100k for sale, tell them you are happy to do the sale in steps, so £2.50 (25k) at a time. If they aren’t a scammer, they will happily do this, but if the buyer pushes you to go first even after you have offered to do the deal in small chunks, back out, 9 times out of 10 they will be trying to scam you.
  4. If all goes well, you will receive your payment and the deal will be done smoothly – You can then create a vouch thread where people can leave feedback for you.

How did I get scammed?

I’m gonna tell you how I got scammed, so you can avoid it happening to you. So.. I was looking to buy coins on Sythe, I put up a thread saying I was looking to buy 500K for £30 (this was FIFA 12). Someone added me on Skype, pretending to be a very popular user on Sythe and I believed it was them and forgot to ask for a private message. So this person said they would give me 500K coins for £30, this was a pretty good deal so I said yes. I then sent this person the full £30 (absolutely stupid thing to do) and they then deleted me from Skype, I was gutted!

But I learnt my lesson, didn’t I? 

You’d think so.. But nope! I cocked up again. This time I was selling my coins and a buyer added me on Skype, told me he was a popular user and sent me a link to “his” vouch thread, and I believed them. They insisted I send them 100K first, then they’d send payment, so Mr.Retard over here sends the full 100K and seconds later, I remember it precisely.. The guy said “haha should have asked for a private message” then seconds later he went offline.

That one hurt.


Anyway, don’t let it happen to you. There are a lot of low lives out there hiding behind their screens who are more than happy to take your money, don’t let them! 🙂

www.simplyfifa.com – The second site I’d recommend is simplyfifa.com. In all honesty, I prefer the users on Simply Fifa, they are much nicer than on Sythe, and I actually haven’t come across someone trying to scam me on there, which is always nice!

The only major downside to using Simply Fifa to sell your coins, is that you have to have at least 100 forum posts to go in to the “Coin Selling” section. This is great in my opinion though, it seems to have really filtered out the scammer’s.

Even though I say I haven’t come across a scammer, I’d still strongly recommend you follow the same steps as I mentioned for sythe.org. This eliminates the chances of you getting scammed.Scams

To be honest, there are many more forums that you can sell your coins on, but these are the two that I’ve found to be the easiest to sell my coins on.

I hope this post has helped you a lot, if it has, please feel free to leave a comment with your feedback – I would hugely appreciate it 🙂

Have fun selling! And if you have any question, pop them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to reply as fast as I can!



13 thoughts on “Where to Sell Ultimate Team Coins?

  1. hey i was wondering if you could tell me is there a way to cover myself selling my fifa 14 coins on ebay as i suppose i am rather naive unfortunatley i dont use fifa forum and 650k is a lot to lose

    • Hey man! Honestly, there’s no way to cover yourself on eBay selling coins. Let me put it this way. If I bought your 650K from you through eBay, I told you my player who you needed to buy for 650K and then you buy him. There is absolutely nothing stopping me from just saying to eBay/PayPal that I haven’t received a product and I want a refund. Ebay/PayPal will then ask for proof of postage of what you sent, and obviously, you won’t have any.. Which then ends up with the buyer getting all of his money back and you’ve lost your 650K.

      So basically, if you want to do it, it’s a big risk in my opinion and I wouldn’t, but it’s your call. 🙂


      • Cheers rob it used to be so easy sellin them to buds on xbox but got ps3 version this year think il just have to wast them on gold packs or risk selling them to fifacoins

        • Yeah it’s a strange one this year, coin prices have shot down pretty quickly, which is causing coin sites to offers ridiculous buying prices like £7 per 100K which is an insult! Haha. Shop around, some coin websites will offer better prices than others or try and build up a reputation on a forum.


  2. Hey Rob, i got around 60,000 coins on an iOS platform but i would like to transfer them to my pc account. Do you know any whay do go at that because i can’t find a single forum dealing in iOS coin.


    • Sorry Charlie, I know nothing about FIFA when it comes to iOS and PC etc. Perhaps you could contact EA. Sorry I couldn’t be much help!

  3. Hi Rob

    I have accumulated 2.5M on XBOX I want to sell them, what do you think would be the best way?

    I used to sell them on eBay but since then things have changed, having no luck with my twitter account @FIFAUTCOINS12 either, what do you recommend?

    • Hey Kieran!

      Nice, that’s some nice coins you have 😉 Forums could be a good way, try checking out Sythe.org, but follow my advice and be VERY careful.

      Your other option is selling to coin websites but they usually offer terrible money per 100K so I’d personally go through forums.

      Hope that helps 🙂


    • Hey! You’re welcome, anything I can do to prevent this happening again is good in my eyes!

      A chargeback through PayPal is done when someone sends you money, then contacts PayPal telling them someone used their account without permission, they will then give them their money back from the person they sent it to, resulting in free coins. Really frustrating!

  4. Hello,

    I was wondering how do i open a website to sell coins?

    E.g. FrenzyFifa.com,

    How do i create a site & where do these coins come from>?

  5. I find FIFA 16 this year unplayble. I am fed up and want to sell my players and then get something for the coins.
    Any hint how I can at least get some of money back from my coins?


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