Slide Tackle

Slide Tackle

On this page I’m going to help you master the slide tackle. From when not to use it, to when and how to use it. First up, to slide tackle, hit X / □ .

Guess what I LOVE seeing my opponent do in a game? Slide tackling!

This tells me a few things..

Slide tackling is something you rarely need to use in this game, although it does have a place in the game.

So when should I use the slide tackle? 

Firstly, NOT when you have a load of space behind you

Let’s say you’ve selected Pique, you’ve got Neymar running at you and there is a LOT of space behind you so if Neymar gets passed you, he’s got a great chance to score. In this situation, when you’re one on one with an attacker, it is WAY too risky to slide in. Players like Neymar have amazing ball control and agility, meaning they can turn super quick and leave you chasing them! This is why it’s so easy to beat people who constantly jump in trying to slide tackle you. All it takes is something simple like a side step or a step-over and I’ll be away!

Let’s use the image below as my example. The opposition winger is coming at my defender, now if you’re an impatient player, you may be tempted to just dive in with a slide tackle. But, if you miss the ball, your opponent has a ton of space to run in to, and wingers are usually rapid, so it may not be difficult for them to skip passed your centre-backs too.

In this situation, I’d strongly recommend following the red arrow. This way, you’re stopping your opponent from getting passed you down the line, and the only other option they have is to cut inside, and they will just run in to a bunch of other players.

Slide Tackle Space

Now I’ll be honest, I do use slide tackle in a fair few wing situations. For example, if a player is running down the wing and you’re along side them, putting in a slide tackle can be very easy if you’re good at timing. If your opponent is sprinting, they will be taking fairly big touches and this is where you jump in, but you have to time it properly, otherwise you’ll be exposed.

Look to slide in just after they’ve touched the ball, but ALWAYS be aware of the player cutting inside. You can avoid messing this up by only sliding when the ball is away from the player. Like in this image below – My opponent was running down the wing, took a touch that was away from the player enough to let me in for a slide tackle.

Slide Tackle Timing

When there is no threat to your goal, there is no need to slide

When you’re in your opponent’s half, it is almost always completely pointless slide tackling. There is zero threat to your goal so risking putting in a bad tackle and getting a card, is completely NOT worth it! This also applies to being in your own half, to a point. If you’re a good distance away from your goal, then risking getting players sent off is stupid and can easily cost you games.

Just use a bit of common sense!

When you’re behind your opponent, just don’t!

If you’re behind your opponent, don’t be a retard. If you’ve watched any real life football, you will know that a tackle from behind, 9 times out of 10 is a red card. Even if you’re insanely pissed off, don’t do it. Your opponent will love it and it will just make you rage even more and lose even more.

Slide Tackle From Behind

If you are a competitive FIFA player and can’t stand losing (like me), then don’t do this, otherwise you are just throwing away the game.

I would say don’t use it in the box, but I do. But ONLY to block shots, I never slide in the box to try and tackle my opponent. The referee gives fouls for what seems like a great tackle, so it’s not even worth the risk of giving your opponent a penalty, otherwise I risk a broken controller! Lol 🙂

Blocking shots with slide tackles

This is a risky one, but in FIFA you have to take chances sometimes and blocking shots can be risky. But why? Well, if you go to block what you think is going to be a shot, and instead the opponent doesn’t shoot and skins you and is then one on one with your keeper. Squeaky bum time!

Slide Tackle Block Shots

To be honest, being able to read the game is important when it comes to deciding whether to try and block your opponents shot. If you look at the image above, you can see that if my opponent managed to get passed me, I have another defender behind me who can then try to get the ball, so the risk isn’t that huge. The risk is high when you are the last defender or there are no other defenders near you to help you out if you do mess up.

Sometimes you just have to dive in to try and block the shots because if you don’t, your opponent will score. For example, if you have Podolski running down the left side of your box, if he goes to shoot, then you literally can’t risk not trying to block it because Podolski has one of the most powerful shots on the game, meaning he can quite often beat the goal keeper at his front post. Just take a quick glance at the players name, if you know they have a great shot, do your best to block it, but if it’s someone who is on their weak foot or doesn’t have high shot power, then you can risk not blocking the shot because the keeper has much more time to react to their shots.

In all honesty, I don’t really use slide tackling much, only in some situations. For the most part I just use contain and teammate contain.

So I hope this has helped you understand how to use the slide tackle properly, and how not to use it! 🙂

If you have ANY questions, please write them below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! 🙂

Rob – FIFA Beast Owner

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