One-Two Passing

A very underrated little trick in FIFA is the one-two pass. I genuinely don’t see many players at all using this, which is good for me, because it’s a great way of making something out of nothing!

One-Two Pass

If you check out the image above, my opponent has been very aggressive and has used his CB to attack my player. This has left an enormous gap in behind the defence where the player was. If I was to try and get passed the defender, there’s a good chance I might get tackled, so a great option is to use the one-two pass.

By pressing LB + A / L1 + X I am able to pass the ball to my teammate and then have my player make a full sprint run in to the open space. Once my player receives the pass, I have 2 options. I can either play the ball along the floor (yellow arrow) or I can reduce the risk of my opponents other CB intercepting the ball by playing a chipped through ball (black arrow). Personally I prefer to play the ball along the floor because it doesn’t slow your player down much, whereas if you play a chipped through ball, your player has to take a little bit of time to control the ball. So if your player takes a poor touch you do risk allowing the defender to catch up with you.

Wing play

The one-two pass can be extremely effective when it comes to making space down the wing. Check out the image below.

One-Two Pass 1

My right-back is bursting forward, with my opponents left-back charging at him trying to get the ball. With most full-backs being very pacey players, if I just tried to run passed him, chances are I’d get tackled quite easily. So in order to take the left-back out of the game, I simply use the one-two pass to play the ball to the player inside. This then allows my right-back to sprint down the line in to the acres of open space. As soon as my right-back is in a good position, I then play either a grounded or chipped through ball in to their path, giving me a great chance to go on and score.

What’s great about this is that if you look at the picture above, it doesn’t look like there’s much danger to the opposition, but one simple move can put me in a load of space running towards goal with a fast player.

Keep trying, you’ll get used to it!

Like any new tips you learn, you will always have to try it a few times to get a good feeling for it, the same applies for this. Once you try it a few times you will get used to how players react to the move and can judge situations much better! 🙂

I hope this helps you out a lot – It’s a great little move that will definitely improve your play. If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave me a comment below with any questions you have, I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Rob – FIFA Beast Owner

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