Long Shots

Long shots are insanely overpowered on FIFA 13, so if you have the right players in your team, you can definitely score a few screamers by following these simple rules.

Long Shots

Shoot at an angle

If you’re running down the middle of the pitch and try a long shot, the chances of it hitting the back of the net are much lower than if you hit the shot from an angle. This is because the goalkeeper is in a good, central position. Meaning any shots that do come towards goal, it’s a simple dive to one side (most of the time).

But, if you’re running at an angle, the goalkeeper moves towards the nearest post and seems to be off their line more because of this. This leaves you with the perfect amount of space to smash the ball up and over them and in to the goal.

Always aim for the far post, so if you’re shooting from the left, aim for the right side of the goal.

Hit it on your strong foot!

This is important, and a waste of a shooting chance if you don’t do it. Always do your best to try and use your players stronger foot. It’s happened to me a lot, I’m using a left footed player, I cut in from the left and take a long shot on their right foot. This often ends up with the ball going nowhere near the goal and closer to the corner flag!

Fill the power bar up to 3 bars

At first you may mess this up a bit, but trust me, after a few tries you can pretty much nail this every time. In my experience, this is the perfect amount of power needed to score from range.

Long Shots Power

Hold LT / L2

I’m not sure how much this actually helps, but many people seem to believe that holding LT / L2 gives you more of a chance of scoring a long shot. You should give it a shot yourself and see if it improves the shots!

Run in the direction you want to shoot

This increases your chances of scoring enormously! If you’re cutting in from the right and want to take a long shot, try your best to be running towards the far corner of the goal. In terms of power, it helps so much when running in the same direction as the shot.

Check the stats!

If your player has a good shot power/ long shots, then they will be ideal for trying to score long shots. Weak players like Stewart Downing are no good for scoring long shots, you may be able to score a few with weaker players, but nowhere near as many as using a player with the right stats!

Also, players that have the “long shot trait” are ideal for taking long shots. Here’s a list of some of the best players to take long shots with.

Frank Lampard (Chelsea) – 88 Long Shots / 90 Shot Power


Lukas Podolski (Arsenal) – 88 Long Shots / 91 Shot Power

Lukas Podolski

Hulk (Zenit) – 88 Long Shots / 92 Shot Power


Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) – 88 Long Shots / 95 Shot Power

Steven Gerrard

Toni Kroos (Bayern Munich) – 89 Long Shots / 85 Shot Power


Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich) – 89 Long Shots / 86 Shot Power

Arjen Robben

Costa (Valencia) – 89 Long Shots / 91 Shot Power


Quagliarella (Juventus) – 92 Long Shots / 92 Shot Power


Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) – 92 Long Shots / 94 Shot Power


Ibrahimovic (PSG) – 85 Long Shots / 92 Shot Power

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) – 85 Long Shots / 91 Shot Power

Wayne Rooney

Robin Van Persie (Manchester United) – 87 Long Shots / 90 Shot Power


Antonio Di Natale (Udinese) – 86 Long Shots / 84 Shot Power

Antonio Di Natale

David Villa (Barcelona) – 86 Long Shots / 88 Shot Power

David Villa

Carlos Tevez (Manchester City) – 84 Long Shots / 86 Shot Power

Carlos Tevez

Matthew Taylor (West Ham) – 87 Long Shots / 90 Shot Power


I hope this helped! Now go score some long shots! 🙂

If you have any questions, just pop them in the comments below and I’ll reply ASAP!

Rob – FIFA Beast Owner

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