Knock-On and Double Knock-On

Here I’m going to be discussing the “Knock-On” and (what I like to call) the “Double Knock-On”. In all honesty, I don’t actually remember seeing anybody else using the “Double Knock-On” online, so it’s quite likely that you haven’t heard of it, but it you have, that’s cool!

Knock On 2

The knock-on is a simple, but very effective move that gets your player to knock the ball forward in whatever direction you choose. This is especially useful if you have pacey players and can help you burst down the wing, leaving your opponent chasing you!

The double knock-on is a more extreme version of the normal knock-on. It’s something I use a LOT in games, it simply makes your player knock the ball forward, but with MUCH more force than just the normal knock-on so your player takes less touches, speeding them up.


So I’ll start off with the normal knock-on. To do it, all you do is flick the right analog stick in the direction you want to take the ball.

So check out the image below. I’m using Walcott and know he has pace to burn. So instead of just using sprint (which slows you down a hell of a lot compared to the knock-on) I’m going to use the knock-on. Walcott will then knock the ball down the in the direction of the yellow arrow and chase it. This gives me a much better chance of getting away from the defender because I’m not taking a lot of touches, I’m just knocking the ball forward and chasing it.

Knock On

The knock-on can be really effective almost anywhere on the pitch, if you’re using the right player! So here’s another example of where you can use the knock-on.

Knock On 1

As you can see, I’ve got the ball and have 2 options, go inwards towards goal, or knock the ball out wide. The defender seems to be thinking I’m going to go inside, so I use the right analog stick and flick the ball towards the wing.

Be careful though, if you’re using slow players, it doesn’t work very well. Also, when you flick the ball, if you do it too close to the opponent there’s a good chance they can tackle you or be able to get shoulder to shoulder with you.

The Double Knock-On

One of my favourite moves in FIFA because it’s an amazing way to beat your opponents full-backs with a pacey player. So check out the image below, this is a double knock-on, and instead of the ball only going a few yards ahead of me, your player will knock the ball on much further.

Double Knock-On

So, to perform the “Double Knock-On” all you have to do is, choose the direction you want to run in to, then using the right analog stick, flick it TWICE in that direction, BUT the second time you flick it, HOLD analog stick until you touch the ball. It looks quite funny when you do it because it looks like your player is taking a terrible touch, but they’re just smashing the ball forward to run on to!

So it’s.. Right analog stick x2 + Hold second flick.

The double knock-on isn’t just for fast players though, if you are in a lot of space, you can use it for almost any player.

Like I said in the beginning, I don’t rememember seeing anyone else online using this! So I hope you find it useful. 🙂

Any questions? Throw them in the comments below and I’ll reply as soon as I can! Cheers! 🙂

Happy Pace Abusing,

Rob – FIFA Beast Owner

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