FUT Millionaire Trading Center / Autobuyer Review

The FUTMillionaire Trading Center / Autobuyer Review

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My completely honest and detailed FUT Millionaire Trading Center / Autobuyer Review!

Hey! I’m Rob..

Let’s face it, Ultimate Team is only fun when you can actually afford good players and not having to play hundreds and hundreds of matches, spending hours trading for no profit, and getting screwed over on packs to do so, agreed?

Which is where the FUT Millionaire Trading Center comes in to play…


This is my completely honest and detailed review of this game-changer of a product!

Get your reading glasses on as I’ll be talking you through everything you will need to know about this product, including the pros and cons! 🙂

First off let me just assure you, I have actually used (and am still using) this product so this whole review will be me talking from experience and will hopefully help you decide whether it’s for you or not.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure at first either! There seems to be an insane amount of people trying to scam you out their for your FIFA account information so they can steal you coins and players.

I’m a huge fan of Ultimate Team so I’ve always looked for ways to make coins because (as you know) it’s the most difficult part of the game.

I stumbled across the FUT Millionaire Trading Center and will now share my thoughts and experiences with you so that you don’t have to spend any money before you know exactly what’s included and have heard from someone who has used the product.

So let’s begin!

To start off I’ll just list what is included within the FUT Millionaire Trading Center and then I’ll discuss each one in much more detail.

FUT Millionaire List

FUT Millionaire Autobuyer Access

The “main event”, this is what the majority of people will be after when looking to sign up, the FUT Millionaire Autobuyer.


I decided to do a short video of me using the Autobuyer so that you could see that it actually does work and isn’t a scam. This was something I was a bit concerned with, but I did my research (just like you are doing right now!)

The more searching I did, the more people I saw saying things like “Autobuyers are a scam!”, “Autobuyers aren’t real, they will steal your account information!”

So this made me worry a little, but then I somehow came across this Autobuyer, looked up some reviews and found that it was real and people were posting proof of themselves using it and that it wasn’t a scam, so I’ve done the same for you! Feel free to check out my video below of me using the FUT Millionaire Autobuyer 🙂

Note: This is the FIFA 14 version, I haven’t yet made a video for the FIFA 15 version, please sign up email subscribers list on the right of my site and I will let you know as soon as it’s ready!

I’m sure one of your main concerns about this is.. “Is it real or a scam?” So I hope I’ve helped you with that. Amazingly, it’s real! 🙂

FUT Millionaire AutoBIDDER Access

You may be thinking “What the hell is an AutoBIDDER?!”

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s the bidding version of the Autobuyer! The Autobidder will allow you to automatically bid on things, which will no doubt bring profit to a whole new level as you will be able to get cards much cheaper.

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for people to list cards up cheaply for a low Buy it Now price, the autobidder allows you to target a LOT more cards and potentially get them much cheaper too.

Hourly updates buy/sell ranges

If you’re in to trading players or would just like to have a go, then there are hourly updated buy/sell price lists within the Trading Center. I personally don’t use this feature although I’m sure many others do.

I think this feature is pretty poor, and to be honest, I’m not even sure if the prices actually do update, for example right now the prices it is telling me to buy for are completely wrong and would cause me to lose coins, so be careful of that!

The 100K/Day FUT Millionaire Trading Method

This was the trading guide I actually used to trade manually on FIFA 13! This is a manual trading guide and within the site, there are detailed guides on how to trade manually and do it properly.

Now, I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve bought a LOT of “Guides” from the internet and they all just say things like “59th minute, buy a player for 15K and sell for 20K” and so on, but they never really tell you how to do anything.

Do you know why? It’s quite obvious, the people who are selling the guide clearly aren’t making any coins with it, so they just sell it to other people for £1-2 per copy instead of actually making coins and selling them instead.

One thing I would say about this method, is it’s quite boring compared to using the Autobuyer, obviously if you’ve never used an Autobuyer it might be hard for you to understand, but to me, automatic trading is SO much better than manual because I can go and do other stuff while it trades, but that’s just me.

With the amount of Autobuyers being used right now, manual trading is very, very difficult so in my opinion this guide is pretty useless right now.

Trading Tutorial Videos

This is misleading, unfortunately. At the time of writing this there is only ONE tutorial video on the FUT Millionaire site, which is a shame.

There are quite a few written tutorials, but these days most people prefer watching rather than reading. I do hope they add more tutorial videos as it will definitely help a lot of newbies and some of the more experienced guys.

Monthly 1 Million Coins Giveaway

Quite simply really – Every month, everybody who is signed up to the FUT Millionaire Trading Center will be entered in to a 1 Million Coin giveaway!

Best Trading Methods Detailed

Again, pretty disappointing. I mean, there are some tutorial pages with written tutorials but they seem a little outdated – If they were to be updated that would be a great help for everyone!

Step by Step Guides

Following up from the last point, all methods that are available on the site, are set up for you in very easy-to-understand step by step guides.

But they’re just outdated and not that great.

To be honest, I’m a bit “slow” sometimes, if something isn’t in simple steps for me then I can get annoyed quickly and give up thinking I was never going to understand.

But there is a lot of detail in the guides that are provided on the site and I literally couldn’t go wrong because each trading method was pretty much spelled out for me and I could just copy it and put my own little twist on it, which is cool. 🙂

24 Hour Email Support

Let me ask you something..

How annoying is it waiting days, even weeks for an email reply?


What amazed me a lot with this product, is the owner is great at giving you quick and helpful support. Once I signed up, I had a bit of a problem with my account (screwed up my sign up information and used the wrong email address!)

I thought I was going to have to spend ages waiting for a reply, but literally within less than 12 hours I had a reply and all my issues were resolved and I was in and using the site! It was such a breath of fresh air actually getting a response.. and in good time!

Gameplay Tips

Something that isn’t mentioned before you sign up, but there is actually gameplay tips within the FUT Millionaire Trading Center which is pretty sweet!

Right now there aren’t that many guides but I’ve noticed since sign up a couple more have been added which is good! It seems like eventually, the “Trading Center” will be a kind of “All-in-one” place where you can learn to both trade and get better at the game. We’ll see I guess!

Making some money with the product!

As well as the Autobuyer, one other main thing that convinced me to sign up was the fact that I could actually SELL the coins I made, for real cash! I mean, who doesn’t like a little extra cash? I do! So through trading, I can do 3 things:

  1. Make an awesome team!
  2. Make REAL cash with my coins.
  3. Cover the cost of my sign up (this was great! 🙂 )

Within the FUT Millionaire Trading Center, there is also a page dedicated to helping you sell your coins for real cash and letting you know where to do just that – which is helpful to a lot of people who have never done it before. 


So that’s everything you get when you sign up for this product, now, what do I think of it?

Personally, I love it.

I’m a huge FIFA fan so anything that could get me coins was always going to interest me and I’m genuinely glad that I found this product because (no offence to people who like it) manual trading bores the hell out of me!

That was my biggest problem with trading, I mean, it worked but I just got bored very quickly and with this Autobuyer I am able to set it up to trade by itself and then I can just go out with friends or have a game on FIFA while it trades! The best of both worlds 🙂

Now, I would definitely recommend this product if you’re a big fan of FIFA. It takes such a long time playing matches, getting 500-600 coins per match feels like nothing when you want to buy the big players, which is one of the main reasons I signed up!

I hope I’ve helped you with your decision on whether you want to sign up or not, because I was a little bit unsure at first, so I understand why you would feel like that too!

 Where to sign up?

Okay cool, you want to sign up! I don’t think you’ll regret it, I’m loving it so far!

So to sign up, you can hit the sign up button below (will take you through to the site!). Also, please be warned, NOBODY else on the internet is selling this product, so if you try and buy from anywhere but the site you are about to go through to, then it’s a scam!

 Sign Up Now!

I know it was long, but I didn’t want to cut any corners here!

I hope my review has helped you a lot! I’ve been as honest as possible here, because I know there’s nothing worse than going to buy a product a bit unsure or whether it’s any good or whether you’re about to waste your hard earned cash.

It feels as if you’re walking in to a grocery store blindfolded and trying to get good value for money on vegetables. You have no idea whether they’re going to be mouldy and off – So my review is to try and help take the “blindness” away 🙂

Take care my fellow FUT lover!


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