FIFA Ultimate Trading Robot Review / Overview

Trading Robot

Not long after the release of FIFA 17, the FUT Millionaire Autobuyer / Autobidder was released – which proved exceptionally successful in making people an absolute boat load of coins with not much effort…

Now, things are about to change… I think.

The same creator of the FUT Millionaire Autobuyer / Autobidder has gone one step further it seems. With the Autobidder, users (like you and I) had to check the Ultimate Team transfer market and see how much players were selling for, we would then have to tell the Autobidder who to bid on and for how much.

In all honesty it wasn’t hard once you got used to it, it was just the fact that in the space of a few minutes, some UT player who wanted to quickly get rid of some players in order to make quick coins to buy someone else, would happily list their players for 100-300 coins less than the current market minimum. Things like this forced you to have to check the market regularly to ensure the players your Autobidder is bidding on haven’t changed in their selling price.

It seems as though this is not going to be an issue anymore…

We have the completely fresh, brand spanking new “Ultimate Trading Robot” – The key word here is “Robot”; it seems to be just that, an automated program that does the thinking for you. You don’t even have to search for players to bid on!

The AI (artificial intelligence) within this program is capable of scanning the FUT market and identifying which players can be profited from, all you have to do is hit the “Start” button on the program.

FUT Trading Robot

Sounds too good to be true, right? There’s always some idiot out there trying to scam innocent FIFA lovers like you and I out of our hard-earned coins and it is totally understandable if you question to credibility of this program – To be honest you’d be daft not to!

Something to remember… Coding isn’t easy, it takes a long time to learn how to code, therefore programs like this can’t be made for nothing – therefore there is a cost.

BUT… When you consider how many coins you can make (while at work, school, out with your mates or just playing FIFA while leaving the program running!) it’s a no-brainer.

You can make around 30-50K a day with this program, pretty good, right? If you have the program running for 7 days, you could potentially make 350,000 coins.

BUT… That’s just with ONE program, there is a possibility to have more than one running at the same time. So the amount of coins you can potentially make is limitless. Imagine you had 3 Trading Robots running, your weekly potential has just shot up to 1,050,000!


You could buy some pretty damn decent players for that amount of coins – and remember, all this time you haven’t done anything besides for press “Start” on the Trading Robot.

Fancy giving it a go? The seller of this seemingly awesome program offers a 100% risk free trial period of 60 days. If you don’t make coins within that time, send a message his way and you’ll have your money back in no time – It’s a win/win!

Check it out by hitting the “Download” button below or clicking here! Have fun making a ton of coins!