FIFA 17 FUT Millionaire Autobuyer / Autobidder

FIFA 17 FUT Millionaire Autobuyer / Autobidder Overview / FAQ

What’s up! Kick back for a minute, this might be a hefty read, but I guarantee you it will be worth it.

FIFA Ultimate Team can be stressful as HELL, no doubt. But, we still love it. The thrill of building a team that suits you with your favourite players is the goal, but as you know, it’s never that simple because one thing stands in the way… coins.

If you are serious about being able to build a killer team with ease, read on…

What is the FIFA 17 FUT Millionaire Autobuyer / Autobidder?

The idea might be new to you, or not. But in short, it’s a computer program designed to let you trade automatically, allowing you to make an endless amount of coins. I know what I thought about autobuyers / autobidders before I used one, and that was “sounds too good to be true”.

There has just been far too many scams on Ultimate Team so it was difficult to trust a program like this.

Instead of typing for ages, you should check out the video below, it’s me showing you exactly what the FIFA 17 FUT Millionaire Autobuyer / Autobidder is and how it works!



Does this Store my Details?

Definitely the most commonly asked question, and the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Every single time you open the program, you have to re-enter your Ultimate Team Web App details, this is simply so the program can connect to your account. Your information is not stored whatsoever, you are very safe when inputting your information.

Also, it is strongly recommended that you use a separate account for this program.

Is it Free?

Unfortunately, no. I know its appearance seems very simple, but this program literally costs thousands to make, programmers aren’t cheap!

If you are ever offered a program like this for free, then I can pretty much guarantee you that’s it’s completely fake, nobody in their right mind would give out a program like this for free.

How much is it to Sign Up?

It is currently £23.94/$27.48 per month. This may seem like a lot, but believe me, it isn’t.

Let me break it down for you…

At the time of writing this, 100,000 Ultimate Team coins are selling for around £15-£20. That is ridiculously expensive! With the FUT Millionaire Autobuyer / Autobidder, you can easily make 40-50K per day, and believe me, that’s just after setting it up and hitting “Start” and leaving it do its thing.

If you put effort in to it, there’s no telling how much you could make.

Anyway… Let’s say you’re like me, a lazy trader and you pull in about 50K per day.

Per week, that’s 350K!

Let’s say you want to cover the cost of your membership fee each month, you can effortlessly do that literally in a few days. 350,000 coins has a value of between £52.50 and £70.

You have literally made your money back, and added a chunk on top, too!

A good way I think of it, is as a little investment, you’re spending a little, to potentially make a lot. It’s up to you, you can cover your membership fee and then keep the rest of the coins yourself to build a crazy team, or you can sell them coins and make some damn good free money!

Just think, if you made a measly 50K per day, so 350K per week (1.4 million per month!). If you sold each 100K for even £15, that’s £210 per month.

It is also possible to purchase additional licenses (one-off fee) so you can have two programs running.. DOUBLING the amount of coins you make so that £210 per month could very easily turn in to £420.

Is it Easy to Cancel my Membership?

Absolutely! Simply head over to the FUT Millionaire site, and in the bottom left corner, hit the “contact us” button, send an email saying you want your membership cancelling and that’s that.

What if I think the Program is Terrible and want my Money Back?

Once again, very simple! The program is sold through a website called ClickBank, so you’re in safe hands when it comes to wanting your money back.

If you’ve given the program a go and genuinely can’t make any coins, then simply head over to the Autobuyer / Autobidder site, hit the “contact us” button in the bottom left and request a refund – there’s no risk when signing up, if you don’t like the program, no problem!fut-m-warranty

Can you Give me Some Tips on the Best way to Make Coins with this Program?

Sure! I’ll do my best…

Think outside the box

My best piece of advice when people ask me this is that you must try and think creatively. It is pretty much pointless trying to set your autobuyer or autobidder to buy very popular cards, there’s just going to be too much competition from other players.

Instead, I would recommend going for them players just hiding away in the shadows, but not so much that you can’t make any money with them. For example, I recently made a lot of coins using David Villa from the MLS. There was little competition for him so I was buying him for 600-800 coins and selling him on for 1300 every single time.

Check the Market! 

The biggest problem people have with the program occurs when they don’t check the market properly. Let me give you an example.

If I was going to bid on Victor Moses, I would check how much he’s selling for and then decide how much my maximum bid is going to be for him. Then, before I add him to my autobidder, I will check if somebody has already beaten me to it by bidding on him already up to my max bid. Here’s an example…

Right now, he’s selling for 600 coins, so I will set my maximum bid at 500 coins but first I check the market. I put my max bid price in to the Web App and see what’s going on…


As you can see in the screenshot below, at the moment, I’m definitely going to add Moses to my Autobidder, nobody has already bid 500 for him on quite a few cards, which leaves room for me to step in.


So the lesson to learn here is, just make sure you actually check the market first. It literally takes less than 30 seconds but can cost you a lot of time and frustration if you don’t do it.

Cover Yourself

Let’s say we’re going to add David Villa to our autobidder. We check the market and see he’s going for around 1300 coins. So now you have to figure out how much you want to bid on Villa.

What I personally do is give myself a “cushion” when I bid. By this I mean, if Villa’s price suddenly dropped to 1200 and I’ve actually been bidding up to 1200 for him, I’m screwed now, I’m going to lose money because of EA’s 5% tax on card sales.

So to cover myself, I will normally bid a bit lower. So for example, if Villa was selling for 1300 coins, I would put my maximum bid at 1100, this gives me some room for error and stops me from losing coins.


I hope these tips help!

Hope all this made sense, and if you have any other questions, hit me up on my Facebook Page.

Happy Trading!