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This is an overview of a FIFA 15 Autobuyer / Autobidder.


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Let’s face it, most of us would rather watch grass grow than spend countless hours on end manually trading for a tiny profit.

FIFA is growing enormously every single year, with more than 20 MILLION players jumping on to Ultimate Team on FIFA 14. Manual trading has never been more competitive! And it’s only going to get more competitive…

I’m not going to lie, manual trading can be extremely profitable, but it takes a lot of time to learn a lot of players value and being able to remember them. But with a lot of patience, can definitely be done.

If you are really serious about finding a way to make an unlimited amount of coins with nowhere near as much effort or time wasted flicking from page to page trying to find cheap players, then make sure you read everything carefully on this page.

Have you ever heard of an Autobuyer? Or an Autobidder? If not, click here so you’re not confused about everything on this page!

FIFA 14 – Was it any good?

The FIFA 14 Autobuyer was an absolutely HUGE success with the release of the brand new Autobidder, traders were well equipped to go ahead and make an absolute killing in the Ultimate Team market!

The Autobidder really changed the way we traded using this program. Being able to get players much cheaper due to much less competition from other people, meant much larger profits were easy to come by.

You see, there are many other Autobuyers out there, a lot fake, that only offer an Autobuyer feature, but not this Autobuyer. Combining both an AutoBUYER and AutoBIDDER in one program completely changed everything! And with regular updates to ensure the program was constantly running smoothly meant for a constant stream of very, very happy customers who made a load of coins for their own teams, or to actually sell on and make a lot of real cash for themselves!

If you want to check out my description of last years Autobuyer/Bidder, click the image below.

Click for AV

Let me list the benefits of using this truly AWESOME program..

Unlimited Coins

This isn’t even an exaggeration or a load of “bull”. It’s true. If you take a little time to learn how to properly use this program you can make endless coins, and, if you feel like one Autobuyer isn’t enough, you can always buy additional licenses to double or even triple the amount of coins you are making.

Save a LOT of time!

By using this program, you can forget about sitting down staring at the market for hours on end. Instead, set up the Autobuyer, hit START and then actually have fun playing the game instead of boring trading! Talk about the best of both worlds 😉


Imagine being able to make some money from just playing the game you love. Let me give you an example. If you were making 100,000 coins per day (definitely achievable) and coins were £10 per 100K, You could make about £300 per month. Now think if you could master the Autobuyer/Bidder and make 150-200K per day, you could make some serious cash! Just for taking the time to learn the players and their values.

No more “hoping” with packs

Instead of spending all of your spare coins on rubbish packs, you can easily save up for the players you actually want.


Make crazy good teams!

Every year I used to tell myself, I WILL get Ronaldo this year! And never did, simply because he cost too much. Not anymore, if I put my mind to it, I can trade and save up for any player I want instead of throwing all my money at packs.

These players aren’t that far out of reach now!


Is it free?

The question I get asked the most… Unfortunately, no it’s not. Programs like this cost thousands to make so giving it away for free would be absolutely mad! Although, if you do learn how to use it and can make a good amount of coins, it’s not difficult at all to cover your monthly cost so it’s basically free money once you cover your membership fee.

How much is it going to be? 

Well, I don’t know right now. But, on FIFA 14, to sign up to the FUT Millionaire Trading Center it was $22.90 per month (£13 ish) which, in my opinion is very reasonable for a program that costs so much to make and can undoubtedly make you a lot of coins and real money.

I personally see it as an investment really, you’re paying a small fee every month to be able to generate hundreds of thousands of coins either for yourself to use on your own team or to sell on for easy profit! And if you get good, you can buy additional Autobuyer licenses to increase the amount of coins you’ll be making.

How do I know my account information is safe? 

The FUT Millionaire Autobuyer was insanely popular on FIFA 14, I challenge you to find someone on the internet who had their details stolen. Every time you log out of the program it completely forgets your email and password so you have to enter it each time to ensure maximum safety.

Can you let me know when it comes out? 

Sure! If you want to stay updated on the release of the FIFA 15 Autobuyer/Bidder, be sure to LIKE my Facebook page ( and I will keep you updated! 😀

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