Manager / Player Contract Boost Trick

This isn’t exactly the most amazing little trick, but once set up, it reduces the amount of contract cards you have to buy for individual players because it allows you to get 50% more contracts from each card you apply. Here’s how to do it..

As you can see below, when I go to apply a contract to this player, the “Staff Modifier” is set to 0 (0%) – This means I have no managers in my club that have a contract boost on their card. For example, if I had Jose Mourinho in my club, it would change to 3% because he has +3% negotiations on his card.

Manager Boost

Negotiations +3% means that, for every contract you apply to a player, you will receive a 3% bonus. But if you only have 1 manager, there will be no boost because, for example if you apply a +13 contract, 3% of 13 is 0.39. So you need to add more managers to your club with the +1% or +3% negotiations to make the contract boosts bigger.


So what I’ve done, is spent a bit of coins on getting a lot of managers so that I have the maximum contract boost, which is 50% – Which means every time I apply a +28 contract to one of my players, they get an additional 14 on their contract as you can see below.

Manager Boost 2

To be honest with you, you would have to play a few hundred matches to get your money back on this, but personally I just prefer the fact that I have to buy less contracts, I find it really annoying when I’m about to jump in to a game and their it says my player is out of contract so having the boost just delays that. 🙂

To fill out my manager boost, what I did was buy all the +3% negotiations managers first, then fill out what was left with +1% managers, some +3% managers can cost a few thousand so try and get some on bid for a little cheaper if you’re really in to making the most of your coins!

I hope you liked this, you may have already known it – if you did, please ignore it 😉 But it’s a sweet little trick if you have the money to stock up on manager cards!


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  1. I really like your site, and I wish I could by the autobuyer but I have no money :(. Anyways I like your site very much and your tips are very useful, keep up the good work ! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Dan, I really appreciate that! 😀 I’ll be adding more stuff all the time so be sure to stay tuned through Facebook or subscribing 😉


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