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If you are looking for a FIFA 14 Autobuyer, then look no further, on this page is a lot of information about an amazing Autobuyer that you will LOVE. I have made a video below of me using it, showing you that it is real and works. There is also a load more information if you would like to find out more…
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Have you ever heard of the FUT Millionaire Autobuyer? I’ll be surprised if you haven’t, it was an extremely popular product on FIFA 13, and the new release for FIFA 14 is much, MUCH better. New features have made this the best Autobuyer out there, especially the release of the AutoBIDDER – That’s right, there’s now a bidding version of the Autobuyer. Read on…

Being the best Autobuyer available means a few things, such as:

Unlimited Coins

Thousands and thousands of coins generated 100% automatically, you just need to take a little time adding players to the Autobuyer/Autobidder.

Save a TON of time

You save so much time scouring the markets trying to find the best players to trade with. You do not need to spend ages finding the players with the best profit margins, because with the Autobidder, the profit margins are much bigger!

Make some real money

You can even make a lot of money selling coins! I’m living proof of this, and I’m someone who tells the truth. I’m not the type of “internet guy” to hide behind my screen and tell you BS lies.. I was legit making over 100,000 coins per day with the FUT Millionaire Autobuyer. Don’t believe me? That’s cool, I know it’s hard to believe, it’s kind of something you tend to only believe when you’ve experienced for yourself. I get it. 🙂

No more wasting time trying to “save up” coins

You’re no longer “time wasting” playing FIFA. “You bloody what?” Well.. How much have you heard from friends, family and girlfriends that you’re just wasting your time sitting and staring at the TV with a controller in your hand? Not now! You have the opportunity to actually make money by getting to know the players, the market and their values, what a win-win situation! You will be able to make real cash selling coins.. How much cash? Well that all depends on how many coins you can make.

Make awesome teams

You can have AMAZING teams. I know every “guide” out there promises that if you follow this method and that method, sell your players at 4am and sit on the 59th minute, that you will be able to make your “DREAM TEAM!” One word.. BULLSH*T! But with the FUT Millionaire Autobuyer, this is proven, 100%. There’s no “if’s” or “but’s”, it is completely legit and WILL make you coins. Think about this for a second, I was generating over 100,000 coins a day on FIFA 13, just imagine the team (or teams!) you could make with that. It’s unreal! Players like the ones below could be yours, and that’s not even some “stretch of the imagination” lie, seriously.

FIFA Players

Just think how quick you could get crazy players like these on FIFA 14 if you were making good money every single day!

I am trying not to sound all “hypey” because that’s totally not my style, I actually despise people who do that. They promise everything and you end up with nothing. This pretty much sums up every single “coin guide” I’ve ever bought and have seen, they all say that if you follow the methods in them you will be making 100’s of thousands per day, which is absolute nonsense and just gives us people false hope, resulting in the seller being that little bit richer because he’s managed to lie to an innocent FIFA fan who just wants to make coins.

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Now, if you REALLY want to know more about the advantages of the FUT 14 Millioanire Autobuyer, then feel free to read on.. 🙂

So, how is this better than manual trading?

Okay, so some people actually love manual trading, they love searching the markets, bidding and all that jazz, personally I don’t. I find it boring and very time consuming, I’d rather just play the game and have my autobuyers making coins in the background, it’s the best of both worlds, I get to play the game and make coins at the same time! 😀

What do I get when I sign up to the FUT Millionaire Trading Center?

A better question would be, what don’t you get?! Everything you need to be a successful trader on FIFA 14 will be included. Here’s what you’ll be able to get your hands on…

  • The FUT Millionaire Autobuyer/Autobidder itself.
  • Hourly player prices – A player database with updated hourly prices will be available so you don’t have to constantly check the market for players prices.
  • Trading tutorial videos – Learn how to trade properly.
  • 1 Million coins giveaways every month.
  • You get 100% security. Check the reviews, ask people.. The FUT Millionaire Autobuyer is completely safe and will never hold on to your EA account information. In fact, each time you log out of the Autobuyer, you have to re-enter your information because it is not stored in them. It is sad when I hear about people who have searched on Google for free Autobuyers and ended up downloading a scam where they’ve put their EA details in and been scammed and lost everything!
  • Email support – Have a problem? Once again, no worries! Email support is available and completely free, simply shoot out an email and you’ll have a reply very soon.
  • The opportunity to make REAL money – Like I mentioned earlier, coins are big business and if you can master the Autobuyer, then you will no doubt be able to make some money with the FUT 14 Millionaire Autobuyer!

 photo FIFACoins_zpsbf0f1b55.png

If you are a little unsure about whether you want to sign up or not, think about it this way. If you make even 200K in a WHOLE month, then you have covered your membership fee because you will be able to sell your coins easily.

One thing which is really going to excite you is the fact that you are able to buy additional licenses in order to have more than 1 Autobuyer running. So for example if you had 1 Autobuyer running and you were making 40-50K a day and you just wanted to crank it up a notch, simply get in touch with the owner to purchase an additional license (one time fee) and you’ll then have double the amount of coins coming in! The amount of coins you can make is limitless once you get used to it.

Any other benefits?

  • Save a LOT of money – This is one of the main benefits for me and this reason alone is why I use the Autobuyer. The amount of money people spend on buying FIFA Points is absolutely INSANE! How can you justify paying so much money for Microsoft Points / PSN Money and ending up with nothing? It’s ridiculous. Instead, I would much rather make my own coins and buy whoever I wanted instead of wasting my money on packs. Of course, if you love opening packs every now and then, they will be absolutely unlimited, just keep making coins daily and open as many packs as you want!

FIFA Packs

  • If it’s your kind of thing, you can do player reviews and such on YouTube. I often get asked if I will sponsor people to do reviews on YouTube so I’m guessing a few people fancy doing it.
  • Your friends will be crazy jealous 😉 I have friends who always beg me for coins! It’s so nice knowing you’ve got an awesome team so you can smash your mates if they fancy a game!
  • Make additional income – This can easily become a little “side earner” (for real money) if you need some extra cash.

Want to get your hands on this? Hit the DOWNLOAD button now!

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Anyway, this is everything for now! But be sure to stay tuned by either..

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Remember, if you have ANY questions, be sure to get in touch! 🙂


14 thoughts on “FIFA 14 Autobuyer

  1. hi , i bought the guide for fifa 13 last year and it didnt really help me i am interested in the autobuyer but havent got a steady 15 pounds a month is there anything you can do thanks

    • Hiya Jamie, That’s a shame! Lots of people (including myself) made a hell of a lot of coins with the FUT guide, and more so with the Autobuyer! Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do when it comes to the price, it may be less than that, I’m not sure as nothing is confirmed! Stay tuned for more information 🙂


  2. Hi

    I’m not sure if I should download the auto buyer when it is released if it is £10-£15 that’s a lot but I know it’s not confirmed BUT I have one major concern

    I have downloaded an auto buyer before and it gave my PC a major virus do I want to know if the auto buyer is 100% LEGIT



    • Sup Dan 🙂

      Completely understand where you’re coming from, I wouldn’t want to pay £15 a month for something that’s going to give me a virus either! Haha.

      But, if you’re concerned about the cost, think about it in a more positive way, if you make 75K-100K (Which will be easy as hell) then you can sell that easily and cover your cost, everything else will be pure profit!

      Also, if you’re worried about viruses and such, as soon as it’s available I’ll be doing a video review and showing you guys the program working so you know it’s legit. If you’ve liked the FB page or put your name and email in the box below the video then you’ll be fully updated as soon as I know anything 😀


    • Hey Jabin! It’s not out just yet, if you have liked my Facebook page or put your name and email in the box below the video, then I will update you as soon as it’s available 😀

    • Hey! As long as you have signed up to my subscribers list at the top of the page then you will receive an email once it is available 🙂


  3. Hi Fifabeast Team,
    is there a way to buy a good guide for using autobuyers? or maybe someone which is explaining or setting it up? Im really new to this, and i dont think, “free guides” are helpful.

    Thanks for your answer.

    • Hey 🙂 When you sign up for the FUT Millionaire Autobuyer, you are also given access to the FUT Millionaire trading center, which contains guides on exactly how to use the Autobuyer and a ton of trading advice/videos and much more!


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