Driven/Drilled Pass

The Drilled pass is something I use a LOT in FIFA, and I’m sure you’ll find it very handy!

There are a lot of annoying things in FIFA, and misplacing passes is one of them. By using this passing technique, it’s all on you. The way you point your analog stick is the way the ball will go, so if you screw up you have only yourself to blame, and not EA. 😉

To perform a drilled pass, hold RB / R1 and press X / Square. The power in the pass depends on how far you want it to go, if it’s across the whole pitch, I tend to use full power.

The better you get at using this pass, the more accurate you will become and you will be able to use it in many more situations and will be able to play riskier passes.

The great thing about this pass is that it hugely decreases the chance of your opponent intercepting it because it’s travelling MUCH quicker than a normal ground/through pass. At first you will probably screw up quite a bit, but it’s really easy once you’ve done it a good few times!

So I hope this has helped! If you have any questions, feel free to throw them in the comments box below and I’ll be sure to reply ASAP!


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