Defending Crosses

Crosses are an awesome way to score if you have a powerful player waiting to get on the end of them.

That’s great for us.. But how the hell can we defend them so we reduce the chances of conceding from them?

Defending CrossesThere’s one awesome tip I have for you, and if you use it I can guarantee you will find crosses SO much easier to defend!

So what is the tip?

Use teammate contain! (Click here for tutorial)

By using teammate contain, you can then switch to a defender in the box who can clear any crosses that come in. So in this situation, my opponent is breaking down the wing and is going to cross. I’ve switched to David Luiz and used teammate contain to send the nearest player to ball, to try and win the ball back.

Unfortunately my teammate doesn’t manage to get the ball back and my opponent gets the cross in, but because I’ve switched players, I’m able to put David Luiz in the perfect position to clear the cross.

This method of defending crosses has literally saved me from conceding an absolute TON of goals, I use it in pretty much every game!

The beauty of it is that you are in complete control. Sometimes the computer can make insanely quick decisions when auto switching. This can force your player to stop running – I’m sure this has happened to you before! The opponents striker is making a run and the computer automatically begins to follow them. As soon as the ball is played over the top, the computer auto switches to the defender, and because it was so quick, you aren’t holding sprint yet and the player literally stops running. Allowing the striker to have a completely free run on goal because you have no chance of catching up.

With this tip you are always in control of the player you want to use to defend the cross, so  it’s not very likely you’ll get caught out by auto switching, which is awesome!

Defending early crosses

If your striker is making a darting run in to the box and you have the ball on the wing, the early cross is a great option for swinging the ball around the back of the opponents defence for a free header/volley on goal. BUT, how do we defend against this?

Once again, you have to be able to read the game a little, but it’s not difficult.

So if you check out the image below, you can see the winger is about to put an early cross in to their striker. So what you need to do in this situation, is switch to the defender in the yellow circle, as he is the closest player to the striker. As soon as you’ve switched, hit the teammate contain button so that if the winger doesn’t end up putting the ball in, you have a player close by to tackle them.

Once you’ve selected the defender, you want to do your best to try and get on the goal side of the striker so that he doesn’t have a free head/volley on goal.

Defending Crosses1

One thing I would recommend doing, is heading back to your goalkeeper. If you are 12+ yards out, then heading back to your keeper can be an enormous help, it can kill off the whole attack. But be careful, if you are too close to your goal, you can end up heading the ball in to your own net!

What to do in different situations

If you are able to get goal side of your opponent then you have a quick decision to make. If you have a few teammates around you in space, then a simple header using the pass button will do.

But if there are a few opposition players nearby, then a clearing header will benefit you more. What I’d recommend doing in this situation is holding the lob button so X or □. Hold it  until the power bar is full, this way, whether your defender clears with their head or foot, it will be as powerful as possible.

It’s all about staying one step ahead!

When defending crosses, if you are able to play one step ahead of the play, then you’re always going to do well. Being able to read dangerous situations before they happen allows you to choose the right players and get in to the correct positions early so that you have the best possible chance of killing off the danger.

When your opponent is breaking down the wing, just take a quick peak at their striker(s) and I guarantee it will help you a lot!

So, I hope you’ve learnt a lot and if you use these tips you will definitely improve your defending! If this tutorial helped you, or you have ANY questions, please feel free to leave me a comment below 🙂 Thanks!

Rob – FIFA Beast Owner 

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