Defending Corners

First off, I’d strongly recommend setting your “player switching” to “air balls”. This will help you a lot when defending corners because you won’t have to react insanely quickly trying to change players if the ball goes another direction.

My tips!

Put the free man just in front of the 6 yard box – When your opponent is about to take a corner, most of the time you will have a free player just standing on the side of the penalty area doing nothing. Don’t waste him! Instead, select him and pull him in to the box just outside the 6 yard box, like in the image below.

Defending Corner

This is sooooooooooooooo useful! (Yep, that many o’s! 😉 ) It cancels out an insane amount of corners and stops the ball getting anywhere near your opponents head, which is always great! And, if the ball does manage to get passed him, because you have your player switching set to “air balls”, you will automatically switch to the most ideal defender.

Use your goalkeeper – Like I discuss in my “Using Your Goalkeeper” tutorial, this is a very risky tactic, but one that can be amazing when it comes to counter-attacking. If you have a quick striker or 2 up front, then bringing your goalkeeper out on corners can literally get you stupidly easy goals. All you need to do is hold Y / ▲ to bring your keeper out and he will either try to punch or catch the ball. If he catches it, sprint to the edge of your box and hold X / O for full power and hope your keepers kick clears the opposition defence. This will then leave you with an amazing chance to score and your opponent will be completely caught out because they thought they were about to score, and in seconds you’re about to score!

One thing I should say for this tip, is try to keep your analog stick pointing straight in the direction you want the ball to go Also try to get your keeper running straight, this will make the keeper kick the ball further, instead of kicking it like Pepe Reina does (from the side of the ball), your keeper should kick the ball from underneath, getting much more power and distance.

Use the shoot button to head clear, NOT PASS! – I’ve done this way too many times, and it pisses me off so much when my defender’s header has barely any power because I’ve used the pass button to clear the ball. To stop this happening, use the shoot button X / O to clear the ball, this way, your defender attacks the ball with more force and puts much more power in to the clearance.

BUT, BE CAREFUL! If you keep smashing the shoot button even after the ball has been headed, you risk tackling an opponent, so focus on only pressing the button a couple of times, otherwise you can easily give away a penalty!

If you keep messing up and fouling your opponent, just go back to using the pass button.

Jostle with your opponent – Instead of just tapping buttons to clear the ball without moving your player, try to jostle with the opponent. Do this by simply pointing your analog stick towards the opposing player, this will start putting them off balance and giving you more of a chance to win the aerial ball.Defending Corner Jostle

BUT, if you are in a situation where you have selected a player like Aaron Lennon to compete against Falcao, then quickly switch to a bigger player and move them towards Falcao. This happens to me so much, my opponent goes to take a corner and I realise that the computer has put my fu**ing shortest player to mark the opponents BIGGEST player?! What the hell is this?

Anyway, there’s not much you can do about it, so just switch players!


Even if you use all the tips I’ve given, there’s no doubt you will still concede some corners. It just happens, you can do everything right, and somehow the opponent manages to beat your 6ft + player to the ball even though you were in front of them, but that’s the game for you! If you do everything you can to stop corners from going in, then I guarantee you will concede a LOT less from them.

I hope these tips helped you out 🙂

If you have ANY questions, pop them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

Rob – FIFA Beast Owner

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