Defending Against Pace

Pace is quite important in FIFA 14, not as important as it was in FIFA 13, but still a danger. A lot of players base their whole team around pace, so you definitely need to know how to defend against pace if you don’t want to concede a load of goals every game!


So here are my tips on how to defend against pace…

Use Faster Defenders

If you are not that good at reading the game and thinking ahead of your opponent, then this is something you must do. Players who are able to anticipate what their opponent’s are going to do can get away with using slower defenders because they are often in much better positions.

You should not worry if you aren’t very good at reading the game, that skill will get better the more you play.

Full-backs (LB’s and RB’s) are normally quite fast anyway, so I will focus on Center Backs here. There are a fair few CB’s with good pace in FIFA 14, such as..

Pace Defenders

The players above are some of the fastest CB’s in the game, but here’s a few more..

  • David Luiz (Probably the MOST used CB on the game!)
  • Younes Kaboul (Spurs)
  • Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal)
  • Jerome Boateng
  • Chiellini (Juventus)
  • Mangala (FC Porto)
  • Ogbonna (Juventus)

And many more! But if you use defenders with decent pace to begin with, it’s going to be easier to defend against pacey players as you have more chance of keeping up with them.

Watch the Runs

With the chipped through ball being SO overpowered in FIFA 14, it’s more important then ever that you are able to read the game and your opponent. It’s all about staying 1 step ahead!

If your opponent is using fast players, they are almost definitely going to abuse the “ball over the top”, so be ready for it! Always keep an eye on where their forwards are and if one begins to make a run, switch to the closest defender (Using Analog Player Switch) and follow them, this will make it MUCH more difficult for the player to take the ball down and run at goal because you will already be right next to them by the time they have touched the ball.

Don’t Run Straight at the Wingers

If your opponent has launched a ball over the top to their fast winger, the last thing you should do is try to run straight at them. Instead, run in the same direction as them until they come inside. This stops you from getting left in the dust by just running straight at their player and then getting out run.


As you can see in the picture above, the correct place to run would be the blue arrow. This stops the winger beating your defender with pace and gives you a much better chance of stopping the attack/cross. When following the blue arrow, your opponent is much more likely to slow down and either try and cut inside, or just pass the ball inside or backwards.

You don’t want to run so that you are in front of the player, but at an angle so if they decide to run down the wing or cut inside, you are in a good position to try and get the ball back.

Don’t Dive In!

One of the WORST things you can do against a pacey player is run straight at them to try and tackle them, a big NO NO! All they have to do is flick the right stick (Knock-On) either side of you and you are left standing there with no chance of keeping up.

Instead, drop off a bit. Contain the player. This is so annoying for your opponent, they can’t sprint passed you because there is too much space between you, they can not do skill either. So sometimes it’s difficult for them to decide what to do, and they will just pass it!

Drop Off a Bit – Give them Some Space

Like I just mentioned, when you drop off your opponent and give them some space, it’s hard for them to know what to do and they end up causing no danger because they’re stuck in two minds.

Also, dropping off gives YOU much more room to adjust to your opponents movement. If they cut inside, you can follow. But if you’re right next to them when they cut inside, they could easily leave you by cutting inside.

Use Teammate Contain

This is an AWESOME way to defend against pace! Check out my tutorial by clicking HERE

Go “Ultra Defensive”

By hitting left on the D-Pad, you can set your team to play “ultra defensive”, this will ensure you defenders don’t play as high up, and full backs don’t go forward. This is extremely helpful when playing against rapid wingers, if your fullbacks have gone forward you can leave an absolute TON of space!

Most fullbacks naturally have high attacking work-rates, so when you are attacking, they are always running up the wings trying to help out, but switching to Ultra Defensive will stop this. A lot of people moan about other players using Ultra Defensive, but it’s usually because they find it hard to play against. Many teams play like that in real life so I don’t think it’s a “dirty” tactic.

Use Your Goalkeeper

If your opponent does manage to smash a long ball over the top and you didn’t read it, your goalkeeper can be your savior! If the ball is a fair distance away from the striker, bring your goalkeeper out to clear the ball.

I personally use this a LOT in games, even when you can read a pass, your goalkeeper can sometimes get there before your defender to clear it, so it’s very handy!

Try to Read the Game

This takes some practice to “master”, but being able to read the game well will help you SO, so much! I’ve played FIFA for years now, so I consider myself quite good at reading people, knowing when people are going to cut inside, knowing where people are going to pass the ball and so on.

It makes defending a lot easier if you have a good idea what your opponent is going to do.

But, the most important part of the game to be able to read, in my opinion, is through balls/ chipped through balls because they pose a big threat to your goal. Try to keep an eye on where your opponents strikers are, and switch to a defender to intercept the pass.

Make sure you use the right analog stick to switch to the defender for faster switching! For a tutorial on this, click HERE.


So that’s it! I hope you’ve learnt some good stuff from this and that you will try and use it!

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to put them in the comments box below and I will reply to you as quick as I can. 🙂


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    • Hey man thanks for your question!

      Someone using ultra attack will usually have a very open defence and is VERY open to the counter attack.

      My best advice would be to throw a quick striker up top and look to use their pace against their depleted defence.


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