Containing and Teammate Containing

When it comes to stopping a player skinning you and leaving you to eat their dust, defensive containing is SO important! So, so, so, so important! (Yes, that many so’s!) 😉

The beauty of it is that it’s simple to do, but really effective.

So I created a kind of “guide” for you to help me with my explanations.

Football pitch

As you can see, there’s a black area, a yellow area, and a red area.


The black area is where you can defend fairly casually, you don’t really need to pressure your opponents too much, if you do it can leave big gaps in the middle of the pitch if they manage to get passed you. It’s not completely necessary to pressure a lot when your opponent isn’t a threat to your goal, so what I’d recommend doing here is playing very “loosely”. By this I mean staying a good few steps away from your opponent. When you’re in the middle of the pitch, your opponent is likely to have a ton of options so instead of trying to read what they’re going to do, simply contain by tapping A / X regularly, this will ensure your player stays in front of the opponent and it also stops them getting passed you easily, which is awesome!


If your opponent is nearing the yellow area, it’s time to get tight and up the pressure. Shots from outside of the box are very overpowered in this game, so get tight and contain your opponent, but DO NOT PRESS ANY TACKLE BUTTONS, referees give free kicks and penalties for just looking at your opponent, so just try to contain, and when you sense the right moment, go in for the ball. This way, even if they do shoot, your defender will be their to block the shoot, or if your opponent tries to skip passed you, it ain’t gonna happen!

It’s important to get tight, but not too tight, otherwise a quick turn and your opponent might get passed you, maybe 2-3 steps away from your opponent should do, this way if they turn to shoot, you are close enough to quickly block it, but not too close to get skilled.


The “danger” area! If your player is in your box, it’s very, very risky if you try and tackle them, even if you’re not pressing anything but contain, your player can still give away a penalty.

What I would recommend doing is staying maybe 2 steps away from the player and having a look up and seeing where their teammates are. Now, if you can see a pass on for your opponent (cut back or low cross), simply move your player so that the pass isn’t possible, this will force the player to try and dribble passed you, which, in a crowded penalty area, is always difficult and you should win the ball back by just containing and jumping in at the right moment.

Teammate Containing 

If you’ve mastered the basic contain technique, the next step is to learn how to use “teammate containing”.

Teammate containing is a freakin’ God send when it comes to defending, this is how it works..

Let’s use the image below as an example. So your opponent is breaking down the wing, you know he’s going to cross the ball, so following the striker to be sure he doesn’t get a free shot on goal from the cross is a must. But you also want to try and tackle the winger to try and stop him crossing or cutting inside.

With just regular containing you can only do one or the other, so you’d either run at the winger and contain to stop the cross, which would leave the opposition striker free to run in behind your defence for a free header. Or you can leave the winger and control a defender so that they follow the striker and you can head away the cross, which would then leave the winger free to cut inside and maybe get a shot away.

Teammate Contain

In the image, you can see in the yellow circle, the defender has been selected, this is so that I can follow my opponents striker to clear any crosses or block any passes, but because I’m holding the “teammate contain” button (RB / R1), you can see in the white circle, that the closest non-selected player is charging down the ball.

This is where teammate containing will help you, A LOT! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to work 100% of the time, but it is really effective, and even if your opponent manages to get passed your player to swing a cross in, you are now in a perfect position to clear.

This works all over the pitch!

One more example.. You’re in the middle of the pitch and your opponent is attacking, you can see that he has a few passes available, so what you can do here, is select a player that isn’t near the ball (who you can use to block a potential pass) and then use teammate contain to pressure the man on the ball.

The chances of you getting the ball back are much better now, because you are:

  1. Blocking a pass that he could make.
  2. Pressuring the player with another teammate.

You have to be a fairly experience player to be able to read the game fairly well so that you have a good idea of what your opponent may try to do, so you have more of a chance of intercepting a pass. But don’t worry, that will come in time. The more you play, the better you will become at reading the game. 🙂

Now go and test it out!

I’ve tried to use fairly simple examples and I hope you understood them. You can now see just how effective and important the “teammate contain” button can be, it can save you conceding an absolute TON of goals and help you get back possession with ease!

If this has helped you in any way, or you have ANY question, please be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Happy containing!

Rob – FIFA Beast Owner

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