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FIFA 14 Corner

As you probably know, headers are stupidly overpowered in FIFA 14, so making the most of corners is important because if you don’t take your chance to score from them, chances are you opponent will probably score theirs. That’s just how it seems to go most of the time!

Anyway, I’m going to run you through how you can make the most of every corner you get so you can start improving the rate at which you find the back of the net from corners! Let’s go..

Choosing the Right Player

It really surprises me how often I see people taking corners with the complete wrong player, like their fullback. Not only does this leave the team more open at the back because the pacey fullback is taking the corner, it also results in a crappy corner most of the time.

I would strongly recommend that you choose the player with the best passing, this will then result in the corner being place accurately and with good dip/curve when you choose to use it. If you were to use a player with poor passing stats, then the corner is probably going to be overhit, or not land anywhere near where you wanted it to.

I personally like taking corners with players like Gerrard or Nasri, they can deliver a fast corner with good dip right where I want it to go. Try different players and see which ones you like best, you can always head in to the practice arena and try different players.

Where to Aim?

The next step is knowing where to aim your corner. I’ve found it to be most effective when you aim your corner between the six yard box and the penalty spot. If you check out the picture below, the area where you should be delivering you corner to is highlighted.


This is the ideal spot for a few good reasons. It’s close enough that a decently powered header will be very difficult to save, and also just far out enough so that if the keeper does come out, there’s a good chance he won’t reach the ball and you’re left with a header into an empty net.

BUT.. If you’re opponent is the type who does bring their goalkeeper out and it’s denying you a chance, then simply mix it up a little, you can either:

– Play the corner a little further out, to the penalty spot or further. This will give the keeper no chance of getting the corner and will leave an empty net. If they decide not to come out it’s still close enough to score, but only if the header is a quality one. Obviously the further out you play the corner, the less likely you are to score.

– Take a short corner. If you’re getting fed up of your opponent bringing their keeper out or just fancy switching it up, then simply hit the left trigger/L2 to call a teammate over to you. From here you can either whip a cross in, or try and skill your way past a couple of defenders creating a dangerous chance. The good thing about trying to get past defenders when you’re right next to the byline (edge of pitch) is that if you get tackled, the ball almost always ends up out of play for another corner. Taking a short corner is the best way to avoid the keeper coming out, I’ve never seen anyone bring their keeper out if I’ve taken a short corner and crossed it with my other player.

Another thing you could try is simply calling your teammate over for a short corner, then just take the corner as normal, this can distract some people from bringing their keeper out because they’re more focussed on getting their defender to the teammate that’s running over to you.

Be Quick!

More experienced FIFA players tend to know more about jostling with other players when it comes to defending corners. Jostling is simply using strength to nudge the other player around to put them off the header or to give the defender a better chance of being able to defend it. So one thing I’d recommend is that you take your corner as quickly as possible. Most of the time when the screen changes to the corner, the corner tends to be aimed in an ideal place so I can quickly hit the power and take the corner to reduce the chance of my opponent moving their players to defend it.

I wouldn’t advise trying to be quick straight away, get used to where you’re placing your corners first, then it’ll become easier to take a quick one.

Look for the Cut Back

Cut backs are extremely hated in FIFA, simply because of how hard they are to defend, it basically leaves you powerless and all your hope lies in your opponent missing or your keeper saving the shot. To be honest, I’m not that fussed about them, obviously it’s annoying conceding them because you can’t do much about them when your opponent is in the “cut back” position, but that’s football!

One thing I like to do sometimes from corners, is passing it short to a team mate, skip past a defender and look for a player around the edge of the box/penalty spot so that I can play a pass in to them for a shot. If you pick out a player in a tiny bit of space, simply because of how close they are to goal, there’s always a good chance that they will score.

Passing to an open player in the box

Something I don’t use a great deal, but can be really effective. When you are about to take a corner, sometimes there will be a clear gap between you and a player YOUR side of the defender, which gives you the option of being able to play in a powerful pass to their feet where you could either quickly turn and take a shot, pass it to the edge of the box for another player to shoot, or try and get a yard of space to knock in a cross from close range.

A little trick I like to use, is playing the pass in to my open player and using the fake shot to create that tiny bit of space I need to do something. To do the fake shot you need to press the lob button (X on Xbox/Square on PS) , instantly followed by the pass button (A on Xbox/X on PS). The good thing I like about using this little method is that your opponent has no idea which way you’re going to turn so it can be really hard to defend, so give it a shot and see if it works for you!

Thinking Outside the Box

When you’re about to take your corner, take a quick peek at the edge of the box. Most of the time you will have a player lurking just outside the box.. BUT.. sometimes they are marked quite closely, other times they have quite a nice bit of space. One thing I’ve found very useful, is playing the ball directly from the corner, over to the guy on the edge of the box.

You don’t need much power at all for this, but make sure you are holding up on your left analog stick in order to put as much dip as possible on the ball so it drops to the player in time. Next you have a few choices. You can either take a quick touch and unleash a shot at goal. Or you can pass it across to another player who is open if there is a teammate nearby. Most of the time I find it most effective just to do a quick turn towards goal and smash a shot towards the far post, obviously you may prefer to do something else, so give it a try and see what you like to do.

So these are my best corner tips for you, I hope you find them useful! Good luck scoring them corners!


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